by Sestra Studio
eGO Ireland is travel app designed for travelers planning to visit Ireland. Included both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It contains dozens of famous places, museums, some hiking trails or scenic photography vista points, other points of interest with short description, sample photos and useful links. App shows in real-time distances and directions to locations. It also allows to add user defined locations, hotels etc.


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November 9, 2015
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《旅游英语900句》,包括了种种旅途中可能遇到的事宜,可以帮助国人为出国旅游做好语言上的准备,也可帮助涉外导游熟悉业务。 “现代、时尚、实用”,读者可以通过本应用了解旅游,向朋友介绍旅游。
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