Day Sales Tracker - Retail inventory/Stock control

by Zhong HuiYing
DaySalesTracker for retail, wholesale and service industries, facilitate the management of their own business.

DaySalesTracker purchasing, sales, inventory statistics, suppliers, customers, business billing details, product inventory and other basic functions.

Some features:
- Create multiple accounts Sales & Purchasing
- Create multiple vendors & customers
- Create multiple items

- Each settlement accounts can view the details of the inflow and outflow account summary
- Every year, the monthly purchasing, sales details

PRO Version
- More features,more powerful,more efficient and continuous feature upgrades
- Automatic recording (income & expenditure)
- Export CSV Data
- iCloud Sync & Backup
- Synchronization between the iPhone and iPad
- Password
- Order Share


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Day Sales Tracker - Retail inventory/Stock control
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Zhong HuiYing
June 4, 2015
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