Dancer Music Player - music tool for dancer and teacher

by Andrea Vighi
Dancer Music Player *
The best tool for the ballet master and the pupil!

You will have many functions:
- Pitch Control (for a better study of the song)
- CUE (to return always at a fixed point of your song set by you)
- Back and Forward (to move freely within the song)
- Repeat Mode (repeating the song)
The application is currently operational, and we guarantee technical assistance.

Full compatibility with Apple Watch**: you can manage all the features using your watch, to avoid going each time to the mixer and then stand in the center room.
Maximum functionality with maximum comfort!

* Compatibility: iOS 8 and higher and watchOS 2 and higher
** Optimized for Apple Watch 38


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Dancer Music Player - music tool for dancer and teacher
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Andrea Vighi
November 7, 2015
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