ColoredTime Pro

by Sven Bergmann
ColoredTime is a great app for everybody who wants to create and share individualized clocks, whether for managing daily events, teaching and engaging children, or just for fun and beauty.

The app offers up to 10 analog clocks to visualize time and events in a colorful and customizable way. Each event has its own color and the space between events can be left gray or appear as a gradient. Clock-faces and -hands can be resized and filled with custom images from the camera or even the web. The app allows for exchanging events with your calendars. Also the setup of the clock can be shared between users via messages or calendars.

In "ColoredTime Pro" many more colors are available and there is an unlimited number of clock setup import and exports.


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ColoredTime Pro
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Sven Bergmann
December 15, 2015
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