Charango Tuner Pro

by Pedro Daniel Macalupu Cumpen
Tune your charango with precision and ease, within seconds!

· The most accurate - displays the exact sound frequency in Hz.
· Charango Chords library - find any chord with just two swipes.
· Instant load and fastest tuning - the only tuner optimized for 64 bit.
· Tuning fork - tune by ear if you prefer.
· Highest responsiveness and sensitivity.
· Intuitive user interface with LED tuning indicator.
· Visual indicators - tuned string lights up.
· Universal app - works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Please make sure to allow microphone access to this app when prompted.
Check it under Settings>Privacy>Microphone. Thank you.


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Charango Tuner Pro
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4.5 out of 5   
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15 users
Pedro Daniel Macalupu Cumpen
April 18, 2014
9 MB

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