Cartoon Camera - live cartoon, sketch, poster and emboss filters

by Aram Miquel
Cartoon Camera App is an amazing camera and photo app that lets you add a cartoon or sketch effect to your camera or photos. Works with live preview on camera or with images from your photo album. Add toon filters and then save and share your creations!

* Choose Cartoon Or Pencil Sketch effects
* Sketch effects with different pencil colors
* Multiple filters including pixel, emboss, poster, cartoon, and mono-color sketches
* Take photos from the camera - live preview of filters before you shoot camera
* Use photos from your saved photo library
* Black and white and color filters
* Save your creations and share them with friends.


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Cartoon Camera - live cartoon, sketch, poster and emboss filters
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Photo & Video
Aram Miquel
April 6, 2015
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