Camera FX Studio 360 - camera effects plus photo editor

by Sky Media Inc.
Camera FX Studio 360 is a complete filter applications to assist you in a simple and unique way to quickly improve photo quality and image processing, intuitive and simple design allows special effects Camera FX Studio 360 with a handy, excellent photos and photography darkroom the filter editing program, carefully created all kinds of styles filter will make your photos more expressive.

◉ Features
※ Total contains 120 filters and professional special effects shots.
※ Professional photo output and image processing technologies.
※ High the three resolution photos output pixel dimensions.
※ Supports both iPhone and iPad double platform running.
※ Unique and easy-to-use user interface design.
※ Unique style photo post-production image processing functions.
※ Filter effects to make your photos more exciting and moving.
※ Crafted style special effects to make your photos more expressive.
※ The The powerful easy-to-use, can quickly deal with all the photographs.


App Details

Camera FX Studio 360 - camera effects plus photo editor
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4.5 out of 5   
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7 users
Photo & Video
Sky Media Inc.
May 17, 2013
25 MB

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