Bike Gear Calculator - Bike Gears, Cycling Gear Calculator, Bicycle Gear Calculator

by MatixSoft Inc.
All level Cyclists now have access to an exciting new Bicycle Gear Calculator application.

A must have app for bike mechanics, commuters, road cyclists, mountain, cyclocross, BMX riders and racers.

You can customize the app to match your bike specs (ANY size sprocket, chainring and tires).

With our app you can match a SRAM XX1 1x11 mountain bike drivetrain (42T cog), or you can manually add a 60 tooth cog if you want!
For more info and how to ADD a needed size sprocket, tires, chainring etc. please read a user manual at

Every dedicated cyclist wants to be more powerful. Using a customizable bike gears calculator app makes it easy. Customize the bike gears calculator app to match your bike specs. Bike gears calculator allows you to choose cadence, tire size, crank length and more and determine gear ratio, gain ratio, speed, pedal rotations and much more.
Bicycle Gears app helps you to determine whether you have the right bike but the wrong gears. This handy application gives cyclists facts on-the-spot to improve their overall experience.
Bicycle gear calculator app is comprehensive get answers right away and share them with other cyclists. Create tables and view essential information at a glance: gear inches, gain ratio, development, speed and more. Ease of use makes this app the ultimate way to find solutions. When you get answers, share them with fellow cyclists.
Choose time then let the Bike Gears app calculate the distance you will cover using a particular gear ratio and number of pedal rotations. Alternatively, you can also calculate time and distance based on the number of pedal rotations per a certain gear ratio. Plan your trips, know your gears and achieve your goals using this handy bicycle gear calculator app. You can even select the distance and the time and number of pedal rotations required. The application can help you to compare the gears and find the alternative gears. Bike gears app helps cyclists do it all.
Bicycle gear calculator app is an easy way to get the facts. Cycling is better when you know how and when to get in the right gear. Getting in the optimum gear on time will improve your performance. Take advantage of the incredible abilities of this innovative app to meet and exceed your cycling goals. Have a safe ride!


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Bike Gear Calculator - Bike Gears, Cycling Gear Calculator, Bicycle Gear Calculator
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4 out of 5   
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MatixSoft Inc.
March 7, 2012
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