Animal Cargo Transport Train

by Jolta Technology
Animal Cargo Transport Train Game

The game story of this game is about a real concept of transporting animal to mountain areas from rural areas for the trading purposes.
In olden days it was very difficult to transport animals to mountain areas which are far apart from villages. Now modern technology made it easy for you with different vehicles.

Now Animal Cargo Transporter makes it easy for you to transport animals.
Animal Cargo Transport Train is the advance and unique concept in animal transporter games.
So add twist to the animal transport games and become an expert animal transporter cargo train driver.
Believe it! Animal games were never such before and this is one of the premium animal transport simulator that is going to be full of adventure for the animal games lovers.
So get ready for the Animal Cargo Transport Train in 3D which is all about the farm and jungle animals’ transportation concept.

The on duty dynamic driver is required to load the untamed ships, cows and deer stag on the cargo train to deliver them to the zoo or other sides of mountain areas.

Surely! You have not played such type of animal farm animal transport games as yet. So revive the uniqueness in animal train games blended with the concept of 3D trailer animal transporter train games.
It's your time to display some courage and responsibility required to operate this heavy loaded train with wild and farm animals. So take it now and enjoy the drive of Animal Cargo Transporter simulator 3D.

How to Play

- Start & select level
- Press accelerator for speed
- Press brake pedal for reverse
- Move control for left & right


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Animal Cargo Transport Train
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Jolta Technology
February 17, 2017
141 MB

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