Andy Helps You Read

by Jordan Price
A Reading Improvement Program For Kids With Reading Problems.

“Andy Helps You Read” contains 20 lessons which consist of exercises that help your child to improve reading by teaching them to focus, listen carefully, pay attention and to follow directions. In addition: sight word practice, improvement of visual imagery for better spelling and reading accuracy are included in this easy to use kid friendly program.

“Andy Helps You Read” was created by Walt Waid and Jordan Price, teachers with over 45 years of experience working with problem readers. They received their degrees and teaching credentials from California State University at Long Beach and Fullerton California respectively.

Designed for elementary school students grades 1-6.

Check out our reviews:

"I found myself wishing this app had been around in the early days of teaching my little guy how to hold a pencil and reproduce lines that testers love so much."

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"All of the activities move at a good speed for beginning readers and are designed to help kids feel successful from the beginning."


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Andy Helps You Read
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December 11, 2015
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