aMoney - Money management

by astrovicApps
Easily manage your personal accounting

aMoney is an application that helps you make order management accounting in an intuitive and fast!

In a few easy steps you can password protect all your movements, view reports, statistics, graphs, and send them by mail, search for transactions by filtering the results, create custom categories, detailed and personalized PDF, backup, export Excel, Dropbox...
It is also compatible with aBill, then you can import all your receipts!

Here is a list of characteristics aMoney:

* Total balance of accounts, broken down by date
* Mark Outputs and Inputs:
- Transactions frequent (insert, create, edit)
- Method (cards, cash, other accounts ..)
- Amount (currency exchange upgradeable. Calculator)
- Category (names and icons customizable)
- Date (even future)
- Notes
* Make money transactions between cards, cash or other accounts
- Ability to perform even transactions with negative amounts, useful for charging the amount spent on the credit card on its behalf.
* Run multiple transactions with the "receipt" function!
* Import data from aBill

* List of past transactions
* Reports and statistics monthly, annual and total
* Statistics summarized and sortable by name or amount
* Pie detailed, dynamic and clickable
* Sending graphics by email or through iTunes
* Preview detailed transaction
* Full details of each transaction
* Editing or deleting a single transaction
* Transactions and Statistics in PDF format
* See, share, print the PDF
* Research transaction within the displayed
* Number of recent transactions to display
* Sorting ascending or descending chronological
* Transaction List by year

* Transaction List sorted by:
- Category
- Method
- Type (incoming, outgoing, all)
- Notes
- Exact date
- Date Range
* Information on the number of transactions found
* All operations can be made from RECENT TRANSACTIONS

* Cash Management (change amount)
* Management cards or other accounts ... (Add, edit name and amount, delete)
- Easy instructions for credit card
* Make money transactions between cards, cash or other accounts
* Manage Categories (edit, add, choose the default icons or personal)
* Import and Export Data
- Instructions and tips for backup and synchronization
- Export file backup through iTunes
- Import backup files through iTunes
- View, share, print transactions in Excel, CSV and XML. Even through email and iTunes
- Dropbox sync
* Choose your language and currency symbol
- Italian, English, Spanish, German, French
- All major currency symbols
* Themes
* Delete data (categories, transactions, custom images for categories)

* Network astrovicApps
* Send mail to developer
* Send feedback on AppStore
* Suggest aMoney with Facebook or email
* Video

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aMoney - Money management
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May 1, 2012
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