7 Min Workout PRO

Have you ever thought it possible to work out your entire body in just 7 minutes, burn maximum calories and achieve your desired results? The science behind 7 Minutes not only says it's possible, but that it's one of the best ways you can work out ever!

"More" doesn't always mean "Better." Even eating excess healthy food can be harmful to your body, and the same goes for excess exercise. Putting too much stress on your body for too long by working out for hours on end can be harmful for anyone from the average person to the professional athlete. Just "7 Minutes" one or more times a day can be the turning point for anyone who wants to achieve maximum results and optimize their well being- and their time commitment!

Stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals and unlock your maximum potential with 7 Minutes PRO! Upgrade to PRO and access daily motivations, workout achievement tracking and tons of other great features to make sure you get your "7 Minutes" in every day.

Are you ready to burn maximum calories in minimal time? All it takes is 7 Minutes!


Daily Motivation
• Motivation is the key to success! Turn your smartphone into your personal gym buddy.
• Daily motivations will help ensure you stay motivated to always put in your 7 minutes of exercise!

• Stay motivated with 7 Minutes' workout Achievements!
• Set goals and resolutions for yourself - make your weight loss goals a reality!

Customize Workout
• Customize your training session by editing the number of cycles, exercise and rest time.

Activity Log
• Keep track of your training sessions
• Keep track of your unblocked achievements.

Exercise Videos
• Follow along with detailed fitness videos as you exercise
• Keep track of your sets - videos will let you know how long until the end of your workout
• Video player works in both landscape and portrait mode

Video Tutorials
• View from our extensive collection of video tutorials to make sure you are performing every exercise safely and correctly.
• Easily play and pause your workout video tutorials to perfect your form!

Workout Details
• Whether you are working out your upper body, lower body, abs or arms- learn about every aspect of your workouts including a visualization of all muscle groups exercised.
* Choose how you want to work out- whether you are beginning by reading a tutorial or are a seasoned workout pro and want to follow along with a video loop. It's all up to you!

Fitness Tips
• 7 Minutes is a revolutionary way to think about how we exercise. Learn insightful fitness tips from our experts to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Tracker
• Track your weight loss progress each day to monitor your results in the app.
• Easy to use charts let you visually see your progress and stay motivated!

Apple Watch Compatibility
• Control the video player directly from your Apple Watch device as you exercise!

Integration with Health app
• Synchronize your height and weight with Health app.
• Keep track of your workouts and how many calories you've burned with Health app.
• Share your stats with the apps connected to Health app.

Brought to you by Passion4Profession - the largest fitness video provider on YouTube with over 600 million video views.

7 Minutes has everything you need to get started, stay motivated and keep coming back to put in those 7 Minutes each day. Change the way you think about your daily exercise routine - all it takes is 7 Minutes!


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